About Tugboat Gallery

The Gallery

Tugboat Gallery is the combined efforts of Peggy Gomez, Nolan Tredway and the newest co-captain, Lisa Guevara. The unassuming gallery sits in the heart of downtown Lincoln, Nebraska above Gomez Art Supply. Tugboat provides showing opportunities for emerging artists as well as established professionals. The goal of Tugboat, as a non-commission gallery is to exhibit high quality exciting artwork.

Peggy Gomez (co-captain)

Peggy Gomez is one of the original founders of Tugboat Gallery and the owner of Gomez Art Supply. She has a BFA from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and a MFA from the University of Minnesota – Minneapolis. She taught part-time mostly drawing and a little printmaking at UNL for 10 years.

Peggy likes zeppelins, making collages, walking her dogs Jet and Max – finding treasures along the way, gardening, biking and prides herself on her vegan tres leches cake.
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Nolan Tredway (co-captain)

Found covered in moss near the Korvik River, Nolan was raised in the Great North by a mountain and a burning forest. He learned the art of storytelling from his time among the Volkos, before studying art at the University of Nebraska and Fundacion Ortega y Gasset in Toledo, Spain. He uses modern visual language and classic Renaissance techniques to create his surreal and symbolic worlds in painting, sculpture, puppetry and animation.

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Lisa Guevara (co-captain)

Lisa Guevara received her Bachelors in Fine Art at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2015 and continues to create and live in Lincoln. She is currently employed as a direct support professional at Live Yes Studios where she teaches art classes.
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Katharen Hedges (gallery intern)

Katharen Hedges is Tugboat’s gallery intern and a junior in the fine art department at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Hedges emphasizes in painting and printmaking. In addition to her work as an artist is she is the art director at Parallel Visions in the Parrish Project.
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Kyle Choy (gallery intern)

A chunk of space rock flung to earth from the unknown.
Bits of stardust coalesced into a corporeal form.
A troubadour from afar learning how to be human.
Adapting to this strange world through storytelling and art.
Uncertainty and ambiguity incarnate.
A starman looking for a home.

Peter Worth (poster designer)

Peter is an artist and designer who was raised by hippies in Lincoln, Nebraska. He enjoys humor, crossword puzzles, sparkling water and combining images through collage and printmaking. When he’s not designing posters for Tugboat Gallery, he can be found eating princess beef at Imperial Palace or attempting the next big idea at his day job in advertising.

He’s come to develop a borderline, unhealthy obsession with the printing and duplication process. He dislikes mayonnaise, crusty erasers and people who walk side-by-side four-across on downtown sidewalks.

He finds inspiration in the work of:

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Heidi Wiren Bartlett (gallery intern of yore)

Heidi Wiren Bartlett is a witch. She was born and raised on the Great Plains. Through her hybrid practice she creates installations, sculptures, and ritual performances concerned with the portrayal, oppression, and subversive existence of women and Nature today. As a white woman who was raised by a lesbian, she feels obligated to confront racial and misogynistic injustice. She sees her body as an object of vulnerability and power; she sees Nature and its processes the same way.

Heidi received her BFA from Concordia University in Seward, NE and her MA & MFA in Intermedia and Sculpture from the University of Iowa. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including Galería Jesús Gallardo, Universidad de Guanajuato in Guanajuato, Mexico, The Wassaic Project in Wassaic, NY, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, NE, Moberg Gallery in Des Moines, IA, Dfbrl8r in Chicago, IL, and Grace Exhibition Space in Brooklyn, NY. She currently lives and works under starlight in Iowa City, IA.
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Bryan Klopping (gallery intern of yore)


My name is Bryan and I cried the day that I showed the owner of Gomez/tugboat this tattoo as I told her that I was leaving town, and she needed a new intern.

I lived in Lincoln for about a decade and watched the art shop and the gallery change, and I can still smell the paint on the walls as I write this.

Thank you to everyone that came through Tugboat, and I still smile to this day thinking of you guys. NYC is no joke, but I’m still here representing Nebraska.

If you’re reading this, I only want to ask you to have a great day.